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Mi.Pi.Pa. (acronym of Milano-Pisa-Pavia) Herp Group is an informal group for herpetological research originated by the collaboration and friendship of a team of researchers working in the Natural History Museum of Milan, in the Natural History and Territory Museum of Calci and in Earth Science and Environment Department of the University of Pavia
The group carries on projects mainly on reptiles, facing many aspects of ecology, behaviour, biogeography and morphology and it is starting some collaborations with many European colleagues for common projects.
The group usually meets once a week at the Milan Museum to carry on the projects.

Members of the Mi.Pi.Pa. Herp Group are:
Stefano Scali - Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano
Roberto Sacchi - Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra e dell’Ambiente dell'Università degli Studi di Pavia
Marco Mangiacotti - Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano
Marco Sannolo - Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano

Marco A.L. Zuffi - Museo di Storia Naturale e del Territorio di Calci

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